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Free Acai Burn Diet Review

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Acai berry scams have mushroomed all over the world due to immense popularity of acai berry products and supplements as weight loss products and health food. Benefits of these products are hugely promoted on the Internet. Remember, only a handful of these companies are genuine. The scams lead to negative effects on the trust that people have on acai berry products.

The fraudulent companies are more interested in making money rather than really helping the customer.

People who place their orders for acai berry products over the phone or online with the intention of just using the free sample are often cheated. Their credit cards are billed for products meant for free use.

Other times, the customer support is lax and you miss the deadline to cancel the order. As per reports, this happens largely due to negligence of the buyer. To be on the safer side, you should only order products from reputed brands endorsed by known celebrities.

The quality of the acai berry varies with the harvesting technique and its processing method. In some scams, inferior quality acai berries are used. These have very poor beneficial properties, making the product worthless. Many acai berry pill containers do not even display the percentage of acai content in the pill.

The Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is the measure of the antioxidant activity of the supplement. The fraudulent products have very low level of ORAC, but they are sold at the same price as that of a product with higher ORAC level.

Spotting the difference between a genuine and a fake product is very difficult. One way to do this is to check the web site. If it just offers general information on acai product and unnecessarily highlights the names of the celebrities that endorse acai berry products, then beware because it may be a scam. Such web sites offer free trials of the product, but their shipping charges are high.

Many times, people do not read the fine print. If you forget to cancel the order after the free trial time gets over, companies keep sending out pills and charge you for them.

These fake companies do not give any physical address or real numbers to assist consumers in case of any grievance

It is wise to check more than one web site and try to know more about the clinical trials and other scientific data before placing an order. Do not make the mistake of trusting every word that a web site says.

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